Save the Children Italy

When a website goal is saving children's lives,
every detail is crucial.

We worked with Save the Children Italy
to build their new online presence.

If we compare two direct e-mail campaigns for humanitarian emergencies,
before and after the new website launch,
we can measure a double conversion rate
(triple on mobile devices).

what we've done
  • CMS migration
  • Creative Direction
  • Data Integration
  • Design
  • Drupal
  • E-Commerce
  • Project management
  • User Experience
  • User research
  • Web Design
  • Goals and milestones

    Goals and milestones

    The overall goal was to increase conversion rates and improve the brand perception among online users.

    We achieved it through these milestones:

    • Extensive User Research
    • Migration of existing contents from a legacy CMS, while keeping URLs and search engines indexing
    • Information architecture redesign, from a flat model to a relational model that would allow automatic content correlation
    • User Interface redesign according to the new branding guidelines
    • A page editing tool that would allow to easily create complex pages without editing HTML code
    • An e-commerce platform for donations that would support the most wide range of payment methods, while keeping the interface as simple as possible
    • Better SEO performance and shareability
    • Easy to use mapping tools
    • Real time integration with CRM systems
    • Publication workflow management
    power to the editors

    power to the editors

    Leveraging the power of Drupal we provided a series of components that editors can use to build pages.

    The same model applies to simple pages, like blog posts, as well as complex landing pages.

    This approach supports these core requirements:

    • Provide a set of standard reusable components, which are compliant to the branding guidelines
    • Allow the instantiation of components without writing HTML code
    • Deliver clean SEO friendly markup
    • Ensure that any block of text would satisfy basic typographic constraints to optimize readability
    Forms that convert

    Forms that convert

    We worked to minimize the effort in completing a donation transaction, on both large and small screens

    Returning users can automatically fill their data using their mobile phone for authentication

    Our effort proved to be effective, with a significant increase in conversion rates.

    Optimized donation process

    Optimized donation process

    We designed a donation process that is accessible from every page of the website, and requires no more than two steps to complete.

    The product selection process has been made extremely clear and focused, while providing at a glance effective informations about Save the Children accountability and offline payment methods.

    Behind the scenes

    Behind the scenes

    We provided a guide to content creation, with two different perspectives:

    • A guide for editors, focused on producing contents using the integrated WYSIWYG editor
    • A guide for developers, which unveil all the details of the underlying CSS framework and define how to trigger User Interface automation through Javascript
    SEO friendly maps

    SEO friendly maps

    Providing a bird's eye view of Save the Children activity all over the world is much easier using maps.

    We designed a solution that:

    • Makes all maps accessible and SEO friendly. A search engine or screen reader should be able to access contents linked on a map
    • Can display both points and region borders
    • Provides clustering of close points and spiderifying of points that share the same coordinates
    • Is coherent to the branding guidelines
    • Can be used both with static data, edited in HTML by means of data- attributes, and dynamic data coming from the website database